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AdSofia Ltd.
Affiliation & Digital  Performance Agency 

We are the first mail marketing agency that works on first, second and third party data ...

How we work on mail marketing and Party Big data

Send, Collect, Analize

We use first CRM party data in Md5 mode of our clients and check duplication, correlation and behavior of our database users. Than we collect anonymous data from second and third party partner like data warehouse, DMP and Retargeting DSP. After that we build a cluster of user those could be interesting in the message of the campaign and send it to them. 

Trigger, Machine, Send

After every campaigns we recollect data and statistics, trigger this data, and match the results to identify correlations, interests, redemptions, and goal of our user in a new way, ready for new kind of message of the same tipe or mode, and the second time we send the same attributions of a past campaign we get amazing results sending 63-68 % minus mail of the last time with an increase of more than 20% or results every time ...


We manage all  kind of digital performance campaigns for our clients over a lan of 35 mail Pubblishers around Europe. We work in affiliation mode on over 30 countries


We work in revenue sharing (typically 50%) with more than 12 Pubblishers around Europe to monetize their mail database. Our focus: fast growing est European Countries

Our Database

We collect Co-registration and serve our proprietary digital mail campaigns on: Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain

Our database

Our Database

West Europe

Spain: 2 ml users

France: 1,5 ml users

Italy: 3 ml users

Holland: 500 k users

Belgium: 700 k users

East Europe

Poland: 1,5 ml users

Russia: 2 ml users
 1 ml user

Romaina: 400 k users

Bulgaria: 500 k users

Our Focus and Mission:

Fast Growing Agency
in the Est Market"

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Adsofia Ltd

N. 56 Madrid Blvd, postal code 1504, Sofia 

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